Masters of Science in Public Health(MSPH)Social and Behavioral Sciences

2-Year Degree Program

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Programme teaches students
about the social and behavioral factors that interrelate with physiological factors to influence health, disease and recuperation.
There is an increasing recognition that behavioral and social factors
play an essential role in epidemiology and public health, both as risk
factors for adverse health outcomes and in strategies to promote health and prevent disease.



58 Credit Hours



Masters of Health Policy and Management (MHPM)

2-Year Degree Program

MHPM accordingly emphasizes acquisition of professional knowledge
and skills relevant to health policy and management.
Designed for medical and allied professionals seeking management
and leadership positions in policy making bodies, governmental and
non-governmental organizations, healthcare institutions, international
MHPM is well-suited for fresh to mid-career health professionals.


60 Credit Hours Program


MSPH Nutritional Sciences

2-Year Degree Program

This program is intended to train students who wish to work in
hospitals, food service companies, government agencies,
ministry of health, public clinics and nursing facilities.
They can also start private consulting practices.
Mid career health professionals who like to extend their career
as nutritional experts can also benefit by this program.



64 Credit Hours



M. Phil Health Education and Promotion

2-Year Degree Program

M.Phil Dgree course will be offered to medical, dental, nursing and
allied medical science graduates. Health Education material
development and designing, mass media exposure, advocacy and
health communication skills and posting for learning current
health education programmes by various organization/ institutions/
NGOs will also be part of learning and gaining working knowledge
and experience about programme monitoring, evaluation and impact
on sickness burden reduction and improvement of health status.

60 Credit Hours Program

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